The Shepherd of all Shepherds

Christmas is closing in and I’ve been thinking about Jesus’s grandfathers: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, David. These were men with staffs in their hands and wool in their beards. Centuries before sheep and herdsmen welcomed Jesus into the world, shepherding personified Israel. Then came the age of kings and “shepherd” took on a new, royal … Continue reading The Shepherd of all Shepherds

See the World–And Its Creator–Right Where You Are

A friend and I were talking the other day about Colorado. The conversation made me giddy because mountains might be my happiest place. I love hikes on trails that wind up toward far-flung views, so our trip to Westcliffe last summer was the stuff of dreams. I remember waking at six one morning, pouring coffee … Continue reading See the World–And Its Creator–Right Where You Are

Why I’m Rethinking My Blog Schedule

This month marks two years since I launched Bethany J’s Journal and became a blogger. Since October 2017, I’ve made pages of mistakes. I’ve fought discouragement. I’ve tried to craft better sentences. I’ve been enraptured by who God is and how he chooses to use me. And this month, I’ve realized it’s time for a … Continue reading Why I’m Rethinking My Blog Schedule