A Website for Christian Teens

August 26 One of my absolute favorite websites just got a brand-new look. The Rebelution.com is a site for Christian young people who desire to rebel against low expectations and glorify God with their teen years. I’ve had the privilege of being published once on this blog, and many of its articles are written by … Continue reading A Website for Christian Teens

Living Intentionally as a Young Person: Ashley Harp

Ashley Harp was a curly-haired tomboy when our friendship took root many years ago. Today, she is a twenty-year-old young woman with a heart for Christ, a love for her family, a talent for art, and still very curly hair. Since those early teen years, Ashley has experienced much and discovered truths that have shaped … Continue reading Living Intentionally as a Young Person: Ashley Harp

A High School Senior’s Prayer + A Sneak Peek

August 19 My senior year of high school officially kicks off tomorrow. It’s that time in life when everyone’s favorite question is the same: “What will you do after high school?” With so many future uncertainties and decisions filling my mind, I’ve found myself often slipping out of an eternity mindset and into one that … Continue reading A High School Senior’s Prayer + A Sneak Peek

Every Work Matters to God

August 12 “Seems that I’ll never get through ‘preparing’ for the mission field,” Jim Elliot wrote as he struggled through the task of learning fluent Spanish. “But I’ve been comforted this week thinking of our Lord’s thirty silent years of readying Himself at home with His family and bending over a carpenter’s bench. Were those … Continue reading Every Work Matters to God

Cultivating Eyes for Wonder

August 5 The Lord has been revealing within me lately a discontentment for my surroundings. Every day I brush past the wonders he’s created, and familiarity dulls my senses. I compare the humid air, dense brush, and shallow Missouri hills around me to the raging waterfalls of the East or the towering Rockies out West. … Continue reading Cultivating Eyes for Wonder