Watching the Sky

October 21 I’ve been watching the sky lately. Not because I know of any impending comets or eclipses or irregular moons. I’ve been sky-watching because there’s something inherently awe-inspiring about witnessing a sunrise or a sunset. And when the radiance of hues across the skyline strikes awe within me, I’m immediately raptured by the God … Continue reading Watching the Sky

The Hog Farmer (A Short Story from Mark 5)

The New Testament story of Jesus, the demoniac, and the herd of hogs is both miraculous and absurd. In Mark 5, this event is carefully detailed from the disciple writer's viewpoint. Taking a few creative liberties, I recently wrote this story from a different perspective: that of the hog farmer. /// I brushed a grimy … Continue reading The Hog Farmer (A Short Story from Mark 5)

The Personality Paradox (A Guest Post)

Friends, I’m so excited to share this article with you today, written by my dear friend, Gia. It’s an incredibly insightful take on how our infatuation with “personality types” often overshadows our true purpose to be like Christ. I hope it impacts you as much as it did me. / / / “INFP personalities are … Continue reading The Personality Paradox (A Guest Post)