What Black Friday Taught Me About Godliness and Contentment

For twenty-four hours, Thanksgiving Day arouses gratefulness and benevolence in Americans. Then Black Friday hits, and things take a radically different turn. On Thursday, we open our doors to welcome family and count our blessings. On Friday, we tear down doors to snatch the hottest items at satisfying prices. The twenty-four-hour paradox is almost funny. … Continue reading What Black Friday Taught Me About Godliness and Contentment

4 Reasons Why Young People Should Read (Better) Books

I can’t help but feel overwhelmed when I step into a bookstore. My infatuation compels me to skim every shelf and scan every title until I’ve found the perfect reads. I love books. But not every book. One reason why bookstores overwhelm me is because they require an immense amount of filtering. It’s nearly impossible … Continue reading 4 Reasons Why Young People Should Read (Better) Books

Poem for Autumn

November 11 … Cracking eyelids open to reflections in cold glass Ink-toned coffee steaming, swishing, resting in my grasp Streaks and hues and tints and tones and shades across the sky Blankets wrapped and scrambled eggs and Bibles lying wide … Crimson ivy groping, climbing toward a pure expanse Pavement curling, bike wheels sending cluttered … Continue reading Poem for Autumn

God Creates Calamity?

Skeptic of Christianity, people ask a notorious question: How can a loving God allow evil? Truthfully, scores of Christians ask the same thing. The blatant evil plaguing the world counters our limited perception of a daddy-like God. We want to understand how an Almighty Father whose “steadfast love endures forever” could strike his mighty hand … Continue reading God Creates Calamity?