Welcome to my journal! I’m Bethany J. Melton, the teenaged author of this blog for young people who have a desire to dig deep. Like you, I have questions about my faith every day. My passion for writing has inspired me to pen my thoughts and insights for you to read, and I pray, glean from. Let me share a little bit about myself…

I’m an 18-year-old extrovert from Missouri who loves being a pastor’s kid, a homeschool student taught by Mom, sibling to five, and auntie to three little ones. I have a deep interest in a wide variety of writing fields, journalism being high up on the list. When I’m not scribbling down thoughts or ideas, I most often spend time doing the things I enjoy. A few of my loves would include good books, rich music, strong coffee, sunrises, and outdoor adventures.

My family and I are rooted in a Baptist Church where the Gospel is laid out as the essential focus each week. I firmly believe in Jesus Christ’s incarnation, perfect life, and crucifixion as God’s Son for the sin of the world. And I most definitely believe in His resurrection where eternal death was crushed. In no way do I desire to belittle Christ’s calling for other young Christians by sugarcoating theology. It’s my prayer that my pen is what will bring both of us to a realization of the need for solid truths and insights that will shape the teenage years and beyond.

Will you join me?