April Smiles

Memorizing Scripture Quarantine has me chiseling out new habits and upkeeping old ones. I started memorizing Psalm 119 before COVID struck and decided there’s no excuse to forgo it now. I also jumped into John 17—Jesus’s High Priestly Prayer—with my pal, Gia, last week. The fruits of meditation and memorization are rich, especially during this … Continue reading April Smiles

Sehnsucht: My New Blog Playlist

April 19 I’ve spent February, March, and April getting to know C. S. Lewis through his works. From Surprised by Joy to The Magician’s Nephew to The Weight of Glory to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Lewis has stirred something inside me. There’s a German word he used—sehnsucht—to describe his inconsolable ache for something … Continue reading Sehnsucht: My New Blog Playlist